Making and Keeping Friends

Without friends, you are lost. With friends, you can easily laugh and enjoy each other’s company. You feel safer and supported. You can share your ideas and feelings. And of course, there is respect for each other.

A real friend is a twin soul. With friends, you can laugh your heart out, say crazy things, make funny faces, and curse without limits. You feel comfortable, free and jovial around them.

With friends, you can also cry your soul out, lament on your failures, mend your broken heart and grieve forever. Real friends cannot afford to see you sulking alone.

Making new friends is not hard, keeping them is harder. The longer you preserve friendship, the more genuine and real it becomes. Collect friends without giving up on the old ones. Value those who say “Hi and see you later!” than those who say “Hello and goodbye.” Start building a lasting friendship – one that can stand the test of time.

Make new friends now… and be one.

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